Village Vibes: Shockingly simple ways to stop autoimmune disease

With over 25,000 people diagnosed with sarcoidosis each year in the US, Flossie was devastated to be one of these cases. It felt like her world had just caved in from the dreadful news of the positive biopsy which confirmed skin sarcoidosis diagnosis. This debilitating autoimmune disease was not going to be her downfall. Deep down, she experienced the warm feeling that it was all going to work out. Embedded with the strength that her mother had instilled in her while growing up in that small Kenyan village, the feeling inside her was settling. This strength of never giving up was going to be her pillar. Flossie was raised to work hard and always remain the strongest she can be and never to give up. She was going to fight this monster of a disease that had crept into her body. Equipped with these morals, she decided to rise up and research the natural ways of fighting this crippling disease and opted out of western medicine and treatment suggested by her medical doctor.

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